Hello! I’m Ben,

an 🇬🇧 Englishman in 🇸🇪 Stockholm who makes things for the 🌐web. ☕Coffee addict, 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦father, and ⚕️alternative health enthusiast.

I’ve been making things for the web since inline styles and tables were in fashion. I share articles about #css, #javascript, and self #improvement; I'm on a continuous mission to improve myself, those closest to me, and my local environment.

I specialise in full-stack web development with a strong leaning towards CSS, JS, UX, and UI interactions.

Most recently, I built a subscription based marketplace & video tutorial platform. The app has grown to 20k active users.

It features a custom built admin dashboard, predictive search, super fast front-end using JS components, activity feeds, App Store-like approval process, REST API, and much more.

I am most comfortable with front-end development, however, my skillset includes back-end development with Laravel/PHP, database design, product management, e-commerce payment integrations, and email marketing.

Front-end Stack

  • React & Vue.js
  • Utility based CSS
  • Webpack

Back-end stack

  • Laravel / PHP 7.2
  • MySQL
  • Nginx
  • Digital Ocean

I have 15+ years experience managing and building high quality apps used by millions of users worldwide.

I love shipping products, nothing beats that feeling of setting something live for everyone to use. Here are a handful of projects I'm particularly proud of.

  • RapidWeaver


    RapidWeaver is the best web builder for the Mac and has been in development for over 15 years (I've been working on it for 13 of those yeards).

    • Themeing system design
    • Web API integration
    • Theme design & development
    • UX design
  • RapidWeaver Community


    Full-stack development of a subscription based marketplace and video training platform.

    • Project management
    • Vue.js Components
    • Instant search
    • Payment API integration
    • App Store submission process
    • Reviews, likes, activity feeds, version history, and more
    • Tutorial Video production; recording, editing, publishing
    • Bootstrap 4
    • Laravel / PHP 7.2
  • The RapidWeaver Show


    A weekly podcast featuring lighthearted web dev chat.

    • Weekly podcast discussing the latest web development trends
    • Setup recording of all hosts and guests
    • Audio editing and mixing
    • iTunes submissions


Key Skills

  • 15+ years experience shipping web based products
  • Highly skilled full-stack developer
  • Focus on front-end, CSS & UX
  • Sharing knowledge and teaching
  • Wide-ranging e-commerce experience
  • Product Management & Goal Setting

I Like Working With

  • JS, CSS, and HTML
  • UX & UI interaction
  • Accessibility
  • Performance