Reading is not something I have prioritised up to now in my life. I feel sad about this because the books I spent the time to finish have enriched me as a person, but I don't like to dwell on the past as I can only improve upon what is to come.

Anyway, in an attempt to rectify this, and quite frankly because everyone I think of as successful advises one too, I have started reading more. Below is a list of books that have had a positive impact on my life, and that, quite simply, I enjoyed reading.

Tools of Titans

For me, this book is “toilet time life improvements”, and I mean that in the highest possible regard. Short golden nuggets of advice that will improve every aspect of your life, should you choose to act on them.

The Art of Stillness

One of the issues I have faced this past couple of years is being able to find a pace of life I could handle. I was always “busy” doing something; reading, watching, checking, updating, everything-ing. This book helped me take stock and make some important changes.


Lying is just part of everyday life, right? Maybe there's another way, a way that breeds more genuine interactions with our fellow human beings.

We Learn Nothing

Human truths.

Geek Books
Clean Code
The Pragmatic Programmer